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Valuing Your Residents and Our Mission

We’re all looking for perfection, right? Our residents deserve to receive care from the best of the best. Well, we feel the same way about our message. Each piece should be designed and written in a way that is direct enough to get the response you want while protecting the values and ethics of Life Care Centers of America.

We serve Life Care Centers of America, our affiliates and Century Park Associates.

How We Serve

Life Care’s creative team provides you with all the tools necessary for great communication. Our goal is to get the buzz out about your facility’s services, values, upcoming events and employment opportunities.

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We provide creative and media buying services free of charge to you, the facility. Our media buyer can assist with media negotiation, purchase and placement for TV, radio, print and outdoor advertising. The relationships we have formed with these media and our ability to sign contracts on a corporate level means that we can save you more money.

All the while, our creative team of designers and copywriters will work diligently to make your advertisements more effective and to ensure they are compliant with Life Care and legal standards. Our goal is simple. We want to help you be more successful.

Corporate Media

We provide high quality video and audio production services. You can expect us to work enthusiastically from conception to final production of your media product.

Both radio and TV ads can be created, in addition to promotional or training videos, specifically to meet your needs. Radio ads are turned around very quickly. Please expect about three months for completion of your customized video project. However, simply personalizing a pre-made TV campaign to meet your needs is a time-efficient, cost-effective solution to your advertising needs. And that’s our purpose – to help your message be heard.


FlashTEL’s message-on-hold service is an effective way to market your facility’s services or upcoming events. In a typical workday, many customers (family members, potential residents, community members and vendors) call your facility, and after a friendly greeting from your receptionist, are put on hold. Take advantage of this time to share exciting information about your facility.

Graphic Services

We provide creative design services to meet a variety of facility needs. You may request reprints of promotional materials or business cards, stationery and signs directly from our production coordinator.

While we design brochures, flyers, direct mailers and all other non-advertising promotional pieces, they must be requested through the Public Relations department. All design services are completed at no charge, however, your facility must pay for printing costs. Don’t worry, though. We promise to cut you a deal – charging only for the actual cost of materials or services. After all, we’re here to make you look good.


We serve our facilities in many ways, including photographing corporate meetings and events and creating graphic images for promotional purposes, like brochures and facility virtual tours. Not only does our staff take professional pictures, but we also edit those photos to ensure maximum quality.

Video Tours

We assist you, our facilities, with your marketing efforts by producing high-quality web and DVD tours. These tours are three to four minutes in length and consist of either a series of moving photographs or video footage. Either will be shot in your actual facility. As an option, brief interviews of residents, associates and family members may also be included. A standard voice-over is included at no extra charge, or your facility may request a customized version for additional cost.

Web Services

We help you, our facilities, to maintain a consistent and high-quality presence on the Web. Through our department, facilities may request updates to their facility’s Web page, such as photos, the listed services and amenities, link to outside resources, and contact information. Please note that while we publish all Web content, requests for news stories should be directed to the Public Relations department.

Here for You

We want to create the most effective business development materials possible.

And what is effective marketing? A clear and captivating message with the right medium, visual appeal, and being in the right place at the right time. Effective collateral should help raise your census and create the most positive perception possible. That’s what we’re about. We’re not here to be experimental. We’re not here to make money. We’re here to meet your needs. So choose us and use us. The good news is, we’re yours and only yours.

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